My Pet Challenge Adventure Book Dog Edition (EN)


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Dozens of creative ideas and challenges are waiting to be tackled by you and your dog.
Improve your bond with your dog while spending great quality fun time together.
Are you up for the challenges?

If you are looking for new ways to spend time with your dog, then this challenge book is the right one for you.
Experience memories that last forever.

This is the english Version.
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Dozens of creative challenges are waiting to be tackled by you and your dog.

 Here is a peek inside the Book.

You can change every challenge to you and your dogs preferences.

Pick a challenge

Complete the task and take a photo.
Then, print it and put the photo in the book.

You could use a polaroid camera or just use your smartphone.
You decide if you want multiple small pics or a big one.

To present you with a variety of different challenges for a great time with your four-legged friend, the Pet Adventure Challenge Book has different themes for challenges.
In the “Walk Challenges” you will find challenges that can be completed when you take a good old walk with your dog.
It is simple, yet effective to strengthen the bond with your dog and have a great time at. On top of that, you get memories to remember that beautiful time.

Then there are the “Event Challenges”: this is where the BIG stuff happens.

Dog Birthdays, Dog Parties, Dog Helloween.

If you and your dog are intrigued, you should get the the book.
There is so much more to discover, but see for yourself.

There are 76 challenges in the Pet Adventure Challenge Dog Book.
Challenges for outside and inside, something for everyday, every season, every weather.

Every minute you spend with your dog is a good one.

Unforgettable moments are waiting to be experience by you and your dog.